Vehicle Wraps, Graphics and Lettering

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  • Premium 3M vinyl with unlimited color options.
  • The most effective promotion option.
  • Protect your vehicle’s original paint.
  • 100% removable

Premium Vinyl

At Schuyler signs we can apply sheets of solid 3M or Avery premium vinyl to your vehicle, boat or trailer and change it’s color. There are many colors to choose from. Starting with your basic colors up to premium carbon fiber, matte, metallic, chrome or brushed aluminum vinyls just to name a few. We can make any vehicle stand out or totally custom.


Promote Your Business

Promoting your business and branding your vehicle has never been easier or more cost effective. A vehicle wrap is the most effective way to advertise your business in modern times. Better than billboards or radio, 1 vehicle wrap can generate anywhere between 30,000-70,000 views per day. Vehicle wraps can last up to 4-5 years if maintained properly.


Protect Your Vehicle

Additionally, vehicle wraps will help protect your vehicle’s original paint job and finish from minor rock chips and scuffs. You can also replace sections of your wrap if they are damaged in an accident. Vinyl wraps are also removable so when you are ready to take it off just start peeling. At Schuyler Signs we do not use exacto blades or sharp knives to trim your wrap while installing your wrap. We use knifeless tape for our installs and for areas of your vehicle where a knife or sharp blade may come into contact with your vehicle.